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We know what it’s like to deal with businesses that don’t give you the service that you deserve. Thats why here at Streakers Cleaning we guarantee that you’ll be 100% Satisfied with your service every time. If in the unlikely event you’re job isn’t perfect the first time around, simply call us and we’ll fix it straight away. Thats the Streakers Promise.

Why Choose Streakers Cleaning?

Reliability You Can Depend On

Reliability You Can Depend On

There’s nothing more frustrating than not getting what you expect – or what you pay for. Streakers Cleaning is founded on core values that our customers here in Gold Coast, Queensland have come to appreciate. We aim for friendly, reliable, awesome service – every time.

Trusted by Your Neighbours

Trusted by Your Neighbours

We’re proud to say we’re the trusted choice for hundreds of homeowners and business owners right here in Gold Coast, Queensland. We clean the windows of many of the mansions along the beach and we’ve developed such a rapport with these customers that they feel comfortable leaving their home in our care.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Our state of the art Pure Water Cleaning System incorporates a multistage filtering system that removes impurities from the water. Then, our telescopic poles feed this pure water up to your windows, where we wash your windows clean.  Since this water has no impurities you get no streaks.

Reviews From Across The Region

“I was extremely happy with the prompt response and excellent service provided by Rhys. My home windows and mirrors were left spotlessly clean both inside and out. I would happily recommend this service to anyone and I would definitely use this service again.”

Garry B, Helensvale

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Absolutely Green and Gold

All our cleaners and detergents are 100% green made right here in Australia. Only the most effective and environmentally safe cleaning chemicals and detergents will be used to ensure our future generations enjoy a clean environment.

For Your Added Convenience

We accept Credit Cards on the spot. No more running to the bank, no more scrounging around the house for cash, no more trying to find time to remember to transfer funds, just swipe, sign and go.

Join Our 100+ Satisfied Clients Today!

Contact Us Today

Join Our 100+ Satisfied Clients Today!

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5 Benefits of Working with a Professional Brisbane Window Cleaning Company

As a business owner, there are some things in your company that you should leave to professionals.  Window Cleaning BrisbaneThey will make you think beyond your capacity for nothing. Cleaning windows in Brisbane is a task so special for your office that you should always admire if it is done professionally. Remember that you do not have enough time to do window cleaning for your office. This is because you are busy working on other important projects for the advancement of the company. The inside of your office is the best attraction point for your clients. Therefore, it’s beneficial leaving the cleaning process to specialists. Below are various ways you can benefit from letting window cleaning professionals clean your office windows:

1. Window cleaners save time

Instead of wasting your time guessing whether you are doing the right thing or not, it pays to leave cleaning duties to professionals. Time consumed in the process could be utilized performing other tasks that are beneficial to the company. The possibility of you spending a whole week doing something that experts would do in one day is real. Companies must embrace the spirit of making proper use of inside office window cleaners. Their services are also reliable and cheap.

2. Window cleaners minimize risk

By allowing office window cleaners, you separate yourself from risks associated with injuries. The employer usually has a good insurance cover for these specialists. If you get injured during cleaning, you will incur double costs. Your medical expenses and pain from the injury will double up thus making your loss even more heartbreaking.

3. Cleaners maintain office value

As you grow business wise, the possibility of relocating to a new premise is very high. A company that is clean always multiplies its value. It effectively means that, if you were to sell the business, potential clients would be rating it highly. If your windows have not been maintained properly, then you will find yourself selling the premise at a throwaway price.

4. Preserve of windows

Frequent cleaning of the windows extends their lifetime tremendously. If somebody came to your office now and then returns after some years, there will be no difference. The in look will be the same thus increasing your stature as a robust and serious business man. The grooming starts with the in look of your office going outside. It’s the opposite of you being smart and neglecting your windows.

5. Provision of value for your money

A professional office window cleaner will give you value for your money. They have the right equipment and expertise for the job. They are well trained and experienced. If you try doing it yourself, it might end up causing more harm than good. You could damage the windows knowingly or unknowingly.

You will be putting office furniture and employees in danger. The best thing is to let professionals do their job especially inside the office which is the stoppage place for your clients. If one of your customers popped in and found you cleaning the windows, he might end up demeaning your company.